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The CameraCat

"The CameraCat"
The real Tui has unusually sharp eyes and a very keen spatial sense. It's only fitting that he should be the Cinematographer.
Outback Jacks

"Outback Jacks - Out"
Ah, the tragedy of assuming a Water Buffalo is like any other cow. I love the concept of this ill-tempered Bovine that makes even the strongest predator think twice about a meal..
Outback Jack's

"Outback Jacks - In"
How many times have we wandered innocently into a quiet roadside attraction with the kids in tow. "Gee Uncle Webster, we\'ve never petted a Water Buffalo before.." Guess why, guys!
Programming the VCR

"Programming the VCR"
How many of us techno-computer literate individuals were ever able to tape our favourite TV shows with this device?
Pack in Heat

"Pack'in Heat in the Heat"
I've always thought of Cats as the 'hired guns' in plague-ridden London. Why not Los Angeles?
Biscuit Flats PO

"Biscuit Flats PO"
Yes, there really is a Biscuit Flats and it's in South Australia. I figure it's a 10-mile walk to the Post Office from the other building in town.
Band of Moggies

"Band of Moggies"
This is dedicated to Capt Debbie Ponco and those like her who serve in the Military everywhere. This Band of Moggies is one of my favourites and there will be more.
The Dawg

"The Dawg"
AJ Moggie is COOL. He is the kind of guy who would hang around in smoke-filled Night Clubs jamming with Count Basie and the group. Incidentally, 30's and 40's Jazz is my favourite music.
Her Master's Voice

"Her Master's Voice"
I grew up with "His Master's Voice" and the RCA dog. This little Cat has never seen an MP3 player that looks like that.
Dangerous Deeds

"Dangerous Deeds"
It never seems to amaze me what kind of stupid things people do in Outbacks everywhere. There always seems to be a perpetrator and some poor companion just tagging along.
Staff Only

"Staff Only"
The one just came to me while sitting at the Veterinarian's. The door never seemed to be used. I guess no one had a staff.
Movie Moggies

"Movie Moggies"
A montage of all the guys in the crew.
The Director

"The Director"
This is the true essence of Webster and his personality - always directing the show and in the limelight.
The Soundkitten

"The Soundkitten"
Brodie's job is cut out for him. He's always got his microphone stuck in your face and he's twisting the sound knobs constantly.
The Assistant

"The Assistant"
Augie is everybody's assistant. Always there, always tagging along with the action.
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