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Snorkeling the Reef
"Snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef of Australia"


Snorkeling the Reef

Well, the Moggies had a great Summer snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef here in Australia. This huge area on Australia’s Northeastern Coast is one of the most beautiful underwater treasures in the world. The Reef is home to thousands of species of fish and underwater creatures to observe and enjoy.

But, finding those creatures is not always that easy. Just ask Webster and Augie here. They seem to be having trouble finding any Stingrays swimming around. These magnificent creatures are a sub-species of the shark family and can swim like jet airplanes through the clear waters of the Reef.

But, in fact, these Rays are mostly docile and very timid and hide in the sands around the Reef, half burying themselves and disappearing into their surroundings.

But, it would seem that no-one bothered to tell Augie and Webster about that little fact.

Info Kitten

"Info Kitten"
Like any young confident kid, Brodie knows everything. In this case, he obviously knows more than the rest of us.
Pushing The Envelope

"Pushing The Envelope"
Sometimes, even the simplest endeavours in our lives can seem like we're pushing the envelope. Like getting the group to work together.. getting the family in the car..
"SCUBA Dude"
Don't be fooled by the old myth that cats don't like water. They just need the right equipment for something like that..
Hey Aviator

"Hey Aviator"
What better discipline for a young kitten than helicopter lessons from Flight Instructor Augie. "It'll be by-the-book on this flight with no pouncing or chasing birds.." Good luck fellas.
Through on the LCD
"Through on the LCD"
The Mogsquad time travellers embarking on another adventure through a convenient Desktop Portal. You never know where one of these Portals might be. Take a look around your house. Maybe you'll discover one.
Snorkel Dude
"Snorkel Dude"
The long awaited sequel to SCUBA Dude.. How about those swim trunks!
The Magic Encyclopedia
"The Magic Encyclopedia"
What better way for a Kitten to learn about the world than a good book? But, as you can see, Webster's own Magic Encyclopedia has a few surprises in store for its readers.
"SWAT Team"
The Mogsquad Moggies put a new twist on the concept of the SWAT Team. This highly trained, elite group can be counted on to deal swiftly with any Pest in the house.
Cats Must Be In Carriers

"Cats Must Be In Carriers"
The Vet always says "Cats must be in carriers".. but they never say that they must be accompanied by humans..
The Doctor is In

"The Doctor is In"
You can trust Dr Brodie, he'll have that furball under control in no time..
Please Turn Off Mobile Phones
"Please Turn Off Mobile Phones"
Brodie never turns off his mobile phone.. So when he is at the Clinic, he needs a little prompting from a friend..
Sweat & No Sweat 1
"Sweat & No Sweat 1"
I think most of us can relate to the reality of this image.. once a Brodie, now a Tui..
Sweat & No Sweat 2
"Sweat & No Sweat 2"
More of the Great Battle of Exercise, Age and Fitness
Pumping Iron
"Pumping Iron"
T.J. Pouncezenegger - the muscle behind the Mogsquad
Pulling Together
"Pulling Together"
Augie and Brodie work together to master the rowing machine..
The Weary GI
"The Weary GI"
The Weary GI takes a much needed break with a Candy Cigarette and a hot cup of cocoa
Sweat & No Sweat 3
"Sweat & No Sweat 3"
Part of the ongoing saga of fun and fitness
Brodie's World
"Brodie's World" - Air Travel
Please return your tray tables to their upright and locked positions!


"Brodie's World" - Air Travel
Most of us probably have the complaint about how cramped Airline seats have become. Every year I swear that they couldn't get smaller and yet they somehow manage to rob us of an inch here or there. Well, little Kitten Brodie has exactly the opposite problem. Everything about those seats is overwhelmingly huge including the ticket cost.

Just donning his headphones and fastening that seatbelt is a daunting challenge. At least at mealtime the overworked Flight Attendant begrudgingly puts down his tray-table. But, he can't reach the food way up there, plus he misses the beverage cart everytime.

However, Brodie's biggest worry is when he hears "Please return your seatbacks and tray-tables to their upright and locked positions for landing!"

And the fact that the Flight Attendant stuffed his extra bag in the overhead locker, wherever that is?
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