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Cell phone

A Moggy-sized mobile phone with paw-sized buttons

Cell phone

Brodie's personal Cell Phone, to fit into his pocket

Cell phone

A low swiveling office chair for short cat legs

Cell phone

A set of cat-sized hospital items

Cell phone

Another low chair - in wood - for short cat legs

Cell phone

Private Brodie's Army Helmet

Cell phone

Perfect transport for a single-minded kitten

Cell phone

Not Tui's favourite item... lots of sweat goes into this baby

Cell phone

Well, okay we can call these Cat Tags...

Cell phone

Perfect for the team of 3 Moggies plus Brodie as Coxswain.. if he's in the mood


Snazzy flippers for paddling around the Reef after fish

Reading Glasses

For reading the fine print on all those Cartoon character acting contracts

Pilot Helmet

The perfect flying protection for round fuzzy Moggy heads

Computer Keyboard

Notice that this keyboard has fewer keys for those little paws to negotiate

Snorkel Set

Snazzy underwater gear for the guys to search the Reef


A vintage headset for listening in to secret radio conversations


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